Perhaps you’ve heard that dull knives are actually more dangerous than sharp knives. Although it may sound strange, it’s actually true.

This is because when using a dull knife there is a greater chance that the knife will slip when you’re cutting.

Dull knives require the user to bear down with their entire arm, while a sharpened blade requires only fingertip pressure and a bit of finesse.

Using an electric knife sharpener

All cutlery will dull over time with repeated use. Your knife blades should have a polished edge that cuts with ease. The best way to sharpen your knives and maintain their edge is with an electric knife sharpener.

Electric sharpeners are the most efficient blade sharpeners, polishers and reshapers because they provide two to three grinding wheels with varying levels of coarseness or grit. When you start to sharpen the blades, begin with the coarsest stone and move on to the finest. Use the following steps as a guide on how to use an electric knife sharpener:

Place the blade in the slot provided. The heel of the knife should be pressed down as far as possible to connect with the grinding stone. Start with the heel of the knife and pull slowly through to the tip.

Slide the knife through the slot. The blade should be at a 15 – 20 degree angle. The sharpener will automatically set the angle of the knife handle as it is pulled through the slot and connects with the grinding stone.

Slowly pass the blade through twice on each side. Because electric knife sharpeners are so efficient, it only takes two passes through the machine to reshape and sharpen the blade.

Repeat the entire process on the finer stones. Now that you have reshaped your blade on the coarsest stone, move on to the finer grit stone and pass the blade twice across on each side.

Rinse the knife and dry. Shavings may be collected by a magnet, but it is still a good idea to rinse your knives and dry them with a towel.

Electric Knife Sharpening Tips

  1. French-style knives with large metal bolsters may not work as well in an electric knife sharpener. The bolster and about ¾ inch of the blade will not fit in some electric, and even some manual, sharpeners. Because this results in uneven grinding the heel portion of the knife may be ruined.
  2. Before you begin sharpening, make sure the entire knife blade will fit through the sharpener. The results will be much better.
  3. Focus on the procedure. Electric knife sharpeners may grind off more steel than necessary which will reduce the life of your cutlery. So stay focused.

When your knives are sharp they can easily be touched up by passing them over the finest grit stone in your sharpener. Keep in mind that different blade types may require alternate sharpening procedures. For instance, a single-edge blade only needs to be sharpened on one side. Refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

Now that you know how to use it, we invite you to discover the best electric knife sharpener by reading our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

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