(4.5 out of 5) Very good

The Electric Diamond Edge Elite Knife Sharpener (see lowest price) made by Smith’s Sharpeners is built to keep the user’s knives at their peak condition. The sharpener utilizes multiple stages, as well as a manual slot to sharpen the user’s knives as effectively as possible. Great for both hunting knives and sport knives, the mechanical sharpening stages are fine tuned to fit the needs of nearly any knife. Including both a coarse and fine stage to both sharpen dull knives and retouch knives that are already sharp. The Diamond Edge Elite is also available for a great price compared to many higher-end knife sharpeners. Making a great pick for someone that is on a budget.

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 Strengths & Weaknesses

While the Diamond Edge Elite has a number of great features and multiple strengths, it is not without its weaknesses. The sharpener has a number of smaller weaknesses that can make it a bit inconvenient for some. But the performance and quality are still better than most other sharpeners at this price point.


  • The sharpener offers high performance for standard edge blades in both manual and electric configurations.
  • The “coarse” stage allows the sharpener to easily sharpen dulled knives back to their original glory.
  • The “fine” stage will further sharpen an already sharp blade to give the user improved performance.
  • The low price makes this sharpener affordable for nearly anyone. While still offering great features.
  • The Manual slot will remove the burr from the electric slots and works for serrated blades.


  • The electric slots will not work correctly with the serrated portions of any knives.
  • The sharpener will not work correctly with scissors or non-conventional blades.
  • The construction isn’t as good as many other sharpeners. But that’s to be expected at such a low price.

Notable Features

There are a few notable features on the Diamond Edge Elite. They can bring a lot to the table when it comes to knife sharpening, and offer added convenience for the user.

Electric Sharpening

The primary selling point of this sharpener is its high-quality electric sharpening slots. Which provide a two stage sharpening system for the user’s knives. The coarse stage will sharpen dull or damaged blades quickly and with little effort. Preparing them for the next stage. The fine stage will then retouch a knife that is already sharp, or further sharpen a knife from the coarse stage. Giving the knives a high-quality cutting edge.

The sharpening wheels are made from extremely fine ceramic and are diamond-coated. This allows for fast and precise sharpening of nearly any blade with a standard edge. In addition, extremely precise blade guides will hold the inserted blade at the perfect sharpening angle. Giving you a smooth and consistent cutting edge. Without damaging or de-tempering the blade.

The electric mode will provide a long-lasting cutting edge that is also very sharp. As well as allowing you to sharpen the blade one side at a time. The entire process takes only a few minutes to complete and leaves you with a visibly sharper blade.

Manual Sharpening

For applications where the electric sharpening slots just won’t cut it, there is the manual sharpening slot. The slot features fixed-angle ceramic stones for extremely consistent sharpening. The ceramic stones work to lightly hone blades with a serrated edge. As well as removing the burr from electric sharpening.

The manual slot will sharpen both sides of the blade simultaneously, and is excellent for quickly retouching a blade that’s already sharpened. Giving the user high-quality and consistent results every time.

Design & Base

The sharpener’s base features non-slip feet with a soft grip. Keeping the sharpener from slipping without damaging the surface that it is resting on top of. This is especially convenient on wet or polished surfaces where slipping is common. In addition, the design of the sharpener gives it a stylish modern appearance that will look great in any kitchen.


Smith’s Sharpeners have provided a great budget knife sharpener. While still giving the user high performance and efficiency where it matters. Designed to keep nearly any knife in peak condition, it features two sharpening stages. As well as a manual sharpening slot for further improvement. In addition, the manual slot can be used to sharpen serrated blades.

Overall, this is a very good electric knife sharpener and it works extremely well for its price. It provides the knives with a sharp cutting edge that will last for a long time. The Diamond Edge Elite Electric Knife Sharpener is well worth the price, despite some minor flaws. In conclusion, this is a great sharpener for the price and is highly recommended for someone on a budget.

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